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A project year in Kenya can rightly never be called boring. Although as a local partner you would sometimes like to ... We would of course like to see the scenario: Children who do well at school, with a safe environment to develop his / her talents and in good health. The local community is strengthened and the project organization continues to develop more professionally, local fundraising is going well and the project is becoming increasingly self-reliant. In short, a great year. But in a country like Kenya, you can almost wait for such a year to turn out differently.

This is also the case in 2018. It already starts with the (extra) care for street children at the beginning of the year. The government obliges Watoto Wema to include a number of street children in the center. This immediately means different challenges than with children from the Ruai community who often came from other unsafe situations. And when, with this fairly full reception center with extra kids, you are then told by the government that the main road must be relocated, straight through the soil of Watoto Wema: you still think: did we have a boring year?

Read now in the resume about the 2018 project year, how Watoto Wema will recover and yet by the end of the year have almost fully achieved their project objectives.