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We are Net4kids

Hey, you want to see us, that's nice. We are Net4kids. Each with our own role, our own creativity and with a shared passion: offering children opportunities.
We are supported by a good bunch of volunteers - or pro bono professionals, as we call them.

The Net4kids Team

Anke van den Boog


Anke van den Boog

Marijke Hulskamp


Annelieke Brackel

Managing Director

Loek van den Boog

Chairman & Founder

Anne Marijn Bentum

Funding Desk Officer

Hugo Lingeman

Online Marketing and Automation

Sandra Kooijman

Project & Charity Desk Manager

Our Ambassadors

Marco Gianotten


Marco Gianotten

Mario Huibers

Bluefoot Family

Mario Huibers

Jaco Brussé


Jaco Brusse

Marcel van der Schaaff

Brown Paper Company

Marcel van der Schaaff

Ron de Mos

Ron de Mos Advice

Ron de Mos

Our Committee of Recommendation

Herman Wijffels

Jacqueline Rijsdijk

Herman van Veen

Our Board

Loek van den Boog


Pieter Jonker


Peter Willeme

Board member