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LeasePlan understands the responsibility we bear together. And we understand how we can implement this. LeasePlan therefore chose Net4kids in 2006.

LeasePlan is the world market leader in car leasing and fleet management. Operations in more than 30 countries and 1.6 million vehicles in the fleet - LeasePlan understands the business of leasing and driving. And that has to be as smart, clean and efficient as possible. LeasePlan wants to apply these core values and business approach throughout the company. Also when it comes to sharing wealth.


LeasePlan invests part of its assets in the most underprivileged children in the world under the name ChildPlan. To tackle this properly, LeasePlan was looking for an expert in the field of child care. LeasePlan believes in emotional involvement, but with a business approach. We believe that too, and we set to work together. With result. Since then, we have jointly provided concrete help to many underprivileged children. But it didn't stop there.

Involvement with employees

Our click in professionalism has also created involvement with LeasePlan employees. For example, the CSR policy was a proven top 3 reason for LeasePlan Netherlands to work there. Worldwide, the cooperation with LeasePlan offices has led to many fundraising campaigns.

Leaseplan invests

HealthcareProject: Health project for street children
The Child Watabaran Center (CWCN) health project offers street children help through a mobile health project and an outpatient clinic. In addition to medical assistance, the children receive information and coaching, which offers more opportunities to reintegrate into society.

EducationProject: ChildPlan Academy
Our local partner Society Serving Humanity in India runs a program for children affected by HIV / AIDS. The program provides education, medical care and food security. In addition, it includes leadership training, peer support and the elimination of taboos surrounding HIV / AIDS.

"We see the returns of our sharing in our committed employees."

Flora Hennekes, LeasePlan