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The most beautiful sustainable gift for the holidays

Net4kids Christmas package

The nicest sustainable gift for the holidays


In a world where overconsumption is becoming a growing problem, we have the solution for you. No material Christmas gifts that only increase your 'footprint', but offer a child in India a promising future. Choose your package and give the most impactful gift for the holidays.

Learn & Play Package

Provide a child with school & play equipment for 1 year

Food & Health Package

Net4kids Doll FacemaskGive a child access to health care for 1 year

Start School Package

Net4kids doll hands upGive a child the opportunity to go to school incl school materials&healthcare

School Year Package

Strong school kids imageTeach a child for 1 year including school materials and health care

3 kids image

The Sky is the Limit

Do you want to choose your own amount or help several kids with your company? 

Stop over-consumption

If you see two T-shirts hanging in a clothes rack for ten euros, a price is often paid for them on the other side of the world. Such as in Tirupur, the textile region in the south of India. We are all encouraged to buy more and more during days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But that means that many children and their parents have to work in factories for a pittance to meet demand.

The time is now - Covid-19 puts children on the street

Net4kids has been working together for years with local partner SAVE to get these children out of the factories and keep them. This year, Covid-19 has turned the world upside down, especially for the vulnerable children in India. Parents lose their income. Children cannot go to school. Child labor, abuse and child marriage are lurking. These kids have our support just now desperately needed.

That is why we sell Christmas packages

We still have to close a gap of € 16,000 this year to ensure that we see all children in this project back in school in 2021. So come this year at Net4kids 'Christmas shopping'. With the proceeds, we will work with you to ensure that these children get the future they deserve. Will you join?

How does it work?

Choose the package that suits you, click on the amount or choose your own amount and donate immediately. You can pay securely via the payment link. Such a beautiful gift deserves a digital Christmas card, so it will come your way as soon as possible!

Stop buying, start giving

We are starting this campaign on #Givingtuesday and hope to see as many children as possible back in school in the new year with you.

Save Tirupur