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Net4kids Christmas campaign 2021


Net4kids Christmas campaign 2021


The global pandemic shows that we are more connected internationally than ever. But is that really so? Vulnerable children in India desperately need our support to continue their education. Right now. We are in this together, so let's make sure we come out stronger together. Will you join us?
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Stay Connected India

To survive

In the textile city of Tirupur, in southern India, the pandemic is having a huge impact on the lives of the most vulnerable groups. Many children have lost relatives. For their (grand)parents there was no extra oxygen available or a place in the hospital. No money. No status. Children who have lost their parents are at risk due to child traffickers to be recruited and sold to the factories. But even parents themselves, who have lost their jobs due to lockdowns, see no other way out than to put their children to work.

These children are literally surviving, on the street and in the factory. Where we want to prevent a 'code black' in healthcare here in the Netherlands, these children and their families have been in code black for months.

We want to offer them all the support they need to continue learning and living. 

Stay Connected 

Schools have now reopened in India. There is medical and psychological (after) care for the children, and parents are helped to find a job. Our local partner ensures that as many children as possible are removed from the factories and go to school every day. By investing in digital education, partly by making smartphones available, we try to prevent the development of children from coming to a complete standstill again during the next lockdown. Because, as we are now experiencing, the future remains uncertain in this pandemic.

Let's come out stronger together. Help us to continue to offer these children (digital) education. Your contribution is of great significance.

How does it work?

Choose one of the four options above and donate an amount of your choice. You can pay securely via the payment link† After your donation you will receive a thank you email with proof of payment.

Christmas campaign 2021 Net4kids
Save Tirupur

About the project

The aim of bridging education is to bring children from child labor situations and from vulnerable migrant families into a safe environment where they are cared for and can learn. These children are prepared for regular education by means of a bridging school year. The underlying aim is to motivate them to continue with education and not to fall back into child labour.

The collaboration with this local partner SAVE is one to be really proud of. They are an authority in the region on workers' rights and tackling child labour.

CNA Insider | How COVID-19 created India's broken generation of children

This documentary (45 minutes) makes it very clear why we are campaigning for children in India. May we recommend that you take this time? Watch, be touched and… count your blessings.

Small disclaimer 😉 After seeing this documentary, there is a good chance that you will become a campaigner at Net4kids. #stayconnected