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The year in a nutshell

2020 is a special year for everyone. Covid-19 has the world in its grip and its effects are clearly visible in the Net4kids project countries. There has been no lockdown in Tanzania. You would almost think that Corona does not exist here, except that tourism is at a standstill and this has major consequences for the economy in the country. In the poor communities and at our partner organization, it is 'business as usual'. Many planned activities in areas such as education and health have been carried out. You will notice that the hygiene measures have been tightened. To earn some money, there are masks and t-shirts with 'keep your distance' produced by the local population. All 26 students who received our support in 2020 have been able to continue their studies. The Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for students from the Lower Moshi region to pursue HBO / University or vocational training. Parents / guardians pay a personal contribution of 15 to 25% over the entire study period. Some young people are eligible for government grants for Universities. As a result, we see more scholarships (19) for vocational training, such as metalworker, plumber, etc. Extra attention has been paid to improving the quality of primary and secondary education. With improved teaching methods, we can ultimately offer more young people the opportunity to continue learning and develop their talents. A good start in education is then of great importance.

About the project

Our project partner works together with the communities in Lower Moshi, Tanzania FT Kilimanjaro (FTK) sustainable improvement of education, health, food supply and infrastructure. Net4kids is one of the FT Kilimanjaro project partners with a focus on the accessibility and quality of education. By investing in the Lower Moshi Scholarship Fund, Net4kids contributes to access to - and making education more sustainable.

Happy news

One of the students we were able to offer a scholarship in the past for a Civil Engineering course successfully completed it last year. He immediately found a job at a local organization where he was able to work as an assistant road engineer. There his talent was quickly discovered by a large national organization TARURA (Tanzania Rural And Urban Roads Agency) in Kilimanjaro. Due to his rapid development in his career, he will be registered as a professional engineer with the Engineer Registration Board (ERB) in 2021. That makes us happy of course.

The numbers

In 2020 we raised more money than we had anticipated. An additional donation of € 1,650 will be spent in 2021. Of the 26 students who received a scholarship, 19 are in vocational training and 7 follow a higher vocational education. As a girl in a country like Tanzania, you are unfortunately at a disadvantage. We pay a lot of attention to information and care for girls. We want to prevent them from becoming pregnant (too) young and not completing their education. In 2020, 13 girls were supported by Net4kids in their education, which is 50% of the total number of students.

Read the entire annual overview as a PDF.

At work in 2021

We will start in 2021 with the support of a new community; Kiruani Town. After five previous successful projects for various communities in Lower Moshi, FTK will also make a start in Kiruani to make this community self-reliant and to lift it out of poverty. Two enthusiastic entrepreneurs from our network develop a plan with a permanent entrepreneurial group support this community project from A-to-Z.