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Today is International Day against Child Labor. This day brings governments, international organizations, companies and millions of people worldwide together to reflect on the fate of child workers. Children should not work, but go to school and build a future. In 2018, 152 million children worldwide are still working, while they should be in school.

Together with investors from the corporate world, Net4kids ensures that our local heroes in India (SAVE) can fully commit themselves to eradicating child labor. The successes that our partner achieve, sometimes at the risk of their own life, are an enormous inspiration for us to bind many more companies to our organization. Together we really make a difference for thousands of children every year.

For example, neighborhoods in Tirupur have already been declared completely free of child labor. Thanks to intensive collaboration with the community: families, children, schools, companies: they all work together to end child labor. The children in these neighborhoods go to school and are allowed to be children again. Learning, playing and developing, just as it should be. We want that for every child.

Invest in the future of children. They are the next generation that we all have to deal with. Don't just stand still today, get started. read more, spread the word, join in and come in conversation. Let's do it!