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The world is in the grip of the Covid-19 virus. It's terrible! But Net4kids would not be Net4kids if we don't see the positive sides of everything. That is why we try to convey a positive message as much as possible in the near future. The current circumstances show all too well how we are all connected. How much we need each other. Certainly in difficult times like this. The heartwarming initiatives and creative ideas to stay connected - remotely - are emerging at a rapid pace. Wonderful to see. We believe that we will get through this together.

Our project partners are also expected - just like many others - to face challenges. We try to keep you informed as much as possible about the state of affairs with them. Hereby an update from Kenya, Watoto Wema Center:

“All schools are now closed and it is advised to work from home. Most staff members of the Watoto Wema Center, however, still work in the Center, because of course the care for the children continues. We are no longer allowed to receive visitors, with the result that we no longer receive food donations from the community.

The teachers teach the children of primary school in the form of home schooling and the secondary students have to learn for themselves. Most have gone to their family.
In addition, all meetings have been canceled, churches and mosques have been closed and weddings may not have more than 100 attendees (married only if there is no other option to do so later).

Tanks have been placed in places to wash hands, but most use it to wash their face and drink from one and the same cup that comes with it. So for the time being it is counterproductive. So far there are 7 positive cases and the police have already had to intervene once to return someone to the hospital who had had enough of her hospital quarantine and therefore left the hospital early the next day. ”

Friends for Life (providing scholarships), partner organization with Watoto, says the following about the situation in Kenya:

“In Kenya the fear is growing. There are only a few cases confirmed in Kenya but schools and universities have been closed from this week. This means that the students within our program will face a delay in their studies unfortunately. The risk of spreading the virus is of course much more important at the moment as the health care sector in Kenya will not be able to process and handle large numbers of Corona patients. We all pray for a minimization of the spread and impact of the virus there and here. ”

Within the Net4kids team, everyone is still healthy (happy!) And of course we hope the same for you and your loved ones. And we wish everyone who is or will be affected in any way, a lot of strength and wisdom.

Take care of each other where possible. PLEASE LOVE RULE!