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Talent Management

Grizzly New Marketing likes to invest in educating their people. They stand for Talent Management, where they believe in putting their employees in the right place. They also believe in creating opportunities for quality. For this reason, there is a specific interest in projects that unlock children's talent. In the Bridge Schools of local partner SAVE in India, children are helped from an early age to develop themselves and discover the added value of education and where their own strengths lie. SAVE understands the importance of building an independent existence and through their projects does everything to achieve this for the children. Via education projects, from basic to vocational education, but also savings programs and micro-credit projects with which families can set up their own business.

Bridge Schools for ex-child workers

Child labor is a very big problem in the region of Tirupur, South India. A great growth of the clothing industry over the past 20 years has been accompanied by massive recruitment of cheap child workers. Net4kids is fighting hard against this problem together with project partner SAVE.

SAVE implements programs aimed at combating child labor and is committed to getting former child workers back to school. Children who come out of a child labor situation cannot be placed in the regular education system overnight. They have to get used to the school rhythm and need special attention. They are lagging behind in their development and therefore a preparatory bridging year in the 'Bridge Schools' is needed before they can go to a regular school.

SAVE offers bridging education to more than 200 children per year between the ages of 8 and 14 years. SAVE has now established 10 different Bridge Schools. In addition to bridging education, there is also a campaign to make the community aware of the importance of education. SAVE follows children for 3 years after completing bridging education, to investigate whether they remain in the regular school system. The last 4 years is more than 95% of the children continued in the regular school system.

Grizzly New Marketing Commitment

  • Growth & Development
    Grizzly New Marketing stands for investing in growth and development. As a leading Google Selected Premier partner, they help their customers grow through online marketing, with an FD Gazellen award as a reward for their work.
  • Better world
    A better world starts with the children. Getting a good education is a major problem for many children in India. In collaboration with Net4kids, Grizzly invests in the growth and development of these underprivileged children.
  • Sponsorship
    For every employee who counts Grizzly, one child will be sponsored annually to attend bridging education. Grizzly New Marketing has 105 employees, so with the donation they now support 105 children in India. A number that will increase with every new colleague they welcome!