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The year in a nutshell

2020 is a special year for everyone. Covid-19 has the world in its grip and its effects are clearly visible in the Net4kids project countries. This is also the case in Ghana. Many activities in the center of our local partner To Be Worldwide have been at a standstill for a long time, and this has of course led to a decrease in the number of children reached (normally around 750 children). From the reopening, a smaller number of children were able to enter under strict hygiene conditions, including a mouth mask and temperature measurements at the door. Borrowing books was extra stimulated, also because this could often be done quickly and people did not have to be inside for long. During the lockdown, TBWW developed the To Be Connected program, whereby 15 children were allowed to borrow a tablet (with e-learning software) from the center to do various lessons and learning programs at home. A different group of children was allowed to participate every 3 months. They would like to expand this program in 2021. An online quiz was held with the alumni of the center, together with the employees of Improved Corporate Finance, about their digital marketing classes, and the winner was given an online web design course as a gift. The new classroom is ready, but could not be officially opened last year. Hopefully there will be a festive opening, where they can immediately celebrate that there are also new computers for the ICT lessons.

About the project

Knowledge makes your world bigger, teaches you to think independently, to look broader and to act in an entrepreneurial way. The Takoradi Education Resource Center offers young people in Ghana this opportunity, increasing the chance to build an independent life. I.n the education center, children are well prepared for the future with ICT lessons and access to a library. The goal of project partner To Be Worldwide is to give children in Ghana a broader world view and to teach them skills that will give them a better chance of entering the labor market.

Happy news

Because the schools were mostly closed last year, Emmanuel (15 years old) is allowed to join his grandfather who works as a gardener for a Ghanaian / Dutch couple. The couple soon sees what a smart boy he is, but also finds out that he can read and write poorly. They are unable to improve this themselves, and after a call on social media they arrive at the Takoradi Education center. A fantastic world opens up for Emmanuel, from the many books to computers. Most importantly, he gets to know Doris and she guides him through a special reading method, which works well! Happy Emmanuel goes to the center as often as he can. This is how great learning can be.

The numbers

In 2020 we invested in the running costs of the center of € 16.865. The other programs have been more or less shut down, and less expenditure has been made. In the next three years, we will continue to invest in the group of alumni, in particular by continuing the digital marketing program. The customer C-taste has been retained, so that the students can continue to learn. TBWW is also focusing even more on this growth and is giving four with the Alumni Support Fund alumni the financial opportunity to continue their studies. And that pays off in opportunities for these young people on the labor market, but also in support for the center. One of the alumni (nurse training) came to bring soap & hand sanitizers for all the kids and staff of the center. 

Read the entire annual overview as a PDF.

At work in 2021

In the coming year, a lot of flexibility will be required from TBWW because much is uncertain due to Corona. The next step of the Digital Marketer program will require a physical workshop by the digital experts, so as soon as traveling to Ghana is safe, that program will also be continued. Fortunately, the schools have been reopened since January this year, and TBWW is once again promoting the center through a lot of advertising (including on the local radio) so that as many children (and their parents) as possible are aware of the possibilities in this way. to give an extra boost after a year of inactivity.