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If you want to keep your employees vital and involved, link vitality management to your social investment. Do you walk / cycle / swim with your company, department or clientele (virtually) to your project, for example in Kenya? Yes, we can!

Employers are increasingly concerned with creating and retaining a fit employee. At the same time, we want to see committed employees. Companies with vital and committed employees have higher productivity, less absenteeism and are also more innovative. More and more entrepreneurs see that 'doing good for the world' in a way that suits your company (matches your core values) does not only mean something for the image of the organization, but also for the involvement and energy of employees.

Companies that attach great importance to corporate social responsibility are often beloved employers, not least because people also look for meaning in their work. Not so strange: if you not only keep the shareholders happy with your work, but also contribute to the future of a vulnerable group of children, our next generation, then you really have something to get out of bed in the morning. Especially if you, as an employee, can make a concrete contribution to this.

By linking vitality management to your social investment, you create a win-win. This can be done in various ways. You can join my company in a sports event (such as a Dam to Dam loop) to raise money for a chosen project. It can be even more personal, even more involved:

In 2013 we organized in collaboration with TASK an inspiring action to virtually walk to their Net4kids project in Thailand. With twenty teams of 8 people consisting of employees, customers and suppliers, no less than 13,000 km were covered. Not only walking, but also other forms of movement were measured with a pedometer and converted to km. On the virtual map you could see where you were on the route and how far the other teams were. People walked or cycled to work, to the gym or an extra round, with or without a backpack, after work. And every km of your team achieved was 'sponsored' by family & friends. With fantastic results. From the reactions of the participants, things emerged such as, 'Having more fun at work', 'top team building', 'proud of their own sporting performance, but also of the financial end result for' their project in Thailand ''. In short, only winners. Oh, and did you know that some 480.15 kg of CO² was saved because employees left the car and took the bike to take some extra steps.

I want this. For my company. For my health. For the next generation.
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We are now 7 years later, but the campaign is more topical than ever. The gyms in the Netherlands are full and the number of types of yoga is now countless. An increasing number of companies are also entering corporate social responsibility, but are still wondering how they can involve their employees (even better) in this. Can we also take this virtual adventure with your company? Fit for Good. Why start tomorrow if you can already do it today.