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Elbert & Syneke have been cycling through areas such as the Himalayas, Australia and currently through Patagonia for almost a year. These people have perseverance that you say "U" to. U with a capital yes. They go through wind and weather. And that to raise money for our project for street girls in India.

Elbert Achterlaan cycles for Net4kidsAdventures with a purpose

You will regularly find new vlogs from this beautiful bunch of people Facebook page. Here you can see again where they are now, and (usually) Elbert tells about the latest challenges. Those two are experiencing something: Tandem stolen, debit card blocked, new insights into flat earth theories. They have to cycle for about another month before they go back to NL. They have simply cycled for a year. Can you imagine it?

You can also easily donate. Just press the green support button and you can give these two a heart. For the girls, of course, because Elbert and Syneke do this entirely at their own expense.

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