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Hi, my name is Vigneswaran and I'm with my younger sister at St. Mary's High School in Dindigul. In 2006 we lost our dad to HIV / AIDS. Mama is also infected with HIV, but is happily treated with ART (antiretroviral therapy). In order to earn more money for our family, I started working as a farm worker during the holidays. But soon I wanted to go to work and quit school regularly. Because I hardly made any money and scored badly at school, so I lost interest. Until SSH came to the rescue for me and my family. I received school materials, good health care, nutritious meals, etc. Everything that allowed me to focus on school and I got good grades for all subjects. And I also got tuition fees from SSH this year, which allowed me to take an exam and study bio-mathematics.

I am so happy with this! Now I can become a doctor and help the poor people in the countryside. Participating in the 'Foster a Child program' feels like a turning point in my life. My mother, sister and I are very grateful to SSH and Net4kids!

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