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Net4kids wants to make entrepreneurs more aware of their responsibility in the world. Entrepreneurs can really make a difference for millions of children. And we are convinced that companies that understand that are also more successful.

That their employees are proud to work for them, attract new talent and ultimately achieve better results. We therefore match companies with our sustainably selected child aid projects. We offer them an 'employee engagement' platform, so that their employees can be directly involved in the project. In this way, we help them to implement their CSR policy in a transparent manner.

And that is exactly what doelshop.nl does.

Good shopping

Via doelshop.nl you can donate for free by shopping at all affiliated webshops. All you have to do is click through to the shop or a product (such as at Bol.com, Coolblue and / or Booking.com) and make a purchase. Doelshop makes it easy for both companies and consumers to do good. You can find almost everything you can buy online through Doelshop. In 2017, € 22.5 billion was shopped online in the Netherlands and if 'everyone would shop via a concept such as Doelshop', this could generate hundreds of millions for projects where it is badly needed. While it does not cost anyone, because simply part of your purchase amount becomes a donation.

When Doelshop.nl delivers a customer to a webshop, they receive a commission as a 'thank you'. This is often a percentage of the purchase amount, sometimes a fixed amount. Doelshop.nl passes 75% of this bonus on to the goal of your choice. Net4kids of course 🙂 They use the other 25% for their own expenses.

How easy can it be. Business purchases can also generate substantial donations. That is why we want to motivate all companies that invest in Net4kids to book their business subscriptions, insurance, hotel bookings, office supplies, printed matter through the doelshop.nl portal.
And hopefully we inspire everyone, if you order your gift on bol.com or book your holiday address via booking.com, you can go to doelshop.nl. Because all donations from these purchases can ensure that Net4kids offers children education, health care, a safe environment and thus a future.

Start shopping right away through doelshop.nl and spread the word! Do you also immediately inform your purchasing manager?