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Net4kids has been committed to better living conditions for children worldwide for 15 years in a row. We are passionately committed to the future of children by connecting companies in the Netherlands with appropriate, concrete initiatives in the world.

One of these concrete initiatives is the Watoto Wema Center in Kenya. Since 2013, Net4kids has invested in education and care for vulnerable children, as well as the development of the Heri Wema Health Center health center. In this way, we not only provide healthy kids in the center, but the entire Ruai community benefits from qualitative and affordable healthcare. Moreover, it must also generate a flow of money in the future that will flow back into the reception center.

Self-reliance, entrepreneurship and guts, these are concepts that suit this local partner. And we have now also recorded that on video, so that everyone can see how you can really make a difference with small-scale, but especially very concrete child aid.

The video report, made by presenter Dolores Leeuwin and filmmaker Niels Ruitenbeek, shows exactly what we do it all for.

Watoto Wema is partly financed by Dutch entrepreneurs, such as TASK and Giarte, and is an example of targeted and effective development aid from the business community.

The video report will premiere in Pakhuis de Zwijger on June 5th. Because then we will be celebrating a party, the 15th anniversary of Net4kids, and therefore we will organize an inspiring event: 'Next generation development aid: entrepreneurs' turn!

After the screening of the report, a panel of experts in the field of entrepreneurship and philanthropy will enter into a discussion with each other - and the public. Can the role of companies be decisive in relation to development aid? And is there the key to change? And how should companies fulfill this responsibility?

Director of Watoto Wema, Marjolein van der Kolk is coming to the Netherlands especially from Kenya for this event, and is celebrating the party with us.

Do you want to come too? Then register quickly on the Pakhuis de Zwijger website and we will toast together on 5 June on Net4kids, but also on this special project in Kenya.