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Almost everyone is back home

India is one of the countries most affected by the corona virus, with more than 6 million infections. And the number of infections is still increasing. Also in the Rainbow Homes, where most of the girls have returned.

In the Rainbow Homes in Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi and in the Rainbow Foundation India (RFI) office in Hyderabad, a number of staff members and some girls have been infected with Covid-19. Everyone is now healthy again. It is quite an achievement that RFI and the Home teams have been able to prevent further spread of the virus in the Homes to date, through rapid action in cases of infection and isolation of the sick. The clear prevention measures and guidelines on how to act in case of infections, which RFI has issued at an early stage, have worked.

The children's 73% has now returned to the Homes. A large number of girls were already with their parent (s) / caregiver (s) in an approaching 'doomsday' on March 29 because of Holi and / or superstition. They were unable to return in time for the lock-down. Others were required by the government to return to their parents or were picked up by their parent (s) / caregiver (s) in a panic. 1,126 children have since returned and - after 2 weeks of quarantine - have been reintegrated into the Homes. This was a huge logistical operation and also had an emotional impact on the teams and the girls.

Now peace is slowly returning to the Homes and the staff and children are getting used to the new situation. However, major challenges remain, such as the safety of the children who have not yet returned and the efforts to bring them back, distance education, the continuing risk of infection and the additional pressure this places on the organization.

In short, they are also completely done with Corona in India, but unfortunately Corona is not yet finished with us. We are proud of our local partner who continues to fight for these vulnerable girls in the Rainbow Homes. We hope that the other girls can also return healthy soon.

Meanwhile, with Net4kids we continue to keep in touch with the business community, in order to offer as many street girls as possible a safe home. As with the proceeds of our Net4kids Golf Day: thanks to all the companies that were present, we can again offer 40 girls the support they need, right now.