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Bringing business and social goals together is the best guarantee for successful cooperation. We think. A great way to combine this is to use your business services for Net4kids. Invest your fee.

Simply transferring money from a company to a charity does nothing for the
reputation of the generous company. It has no business effect in the long term. It is fantastic to get an investment in the projects. In fact, it is very important to us. But to create added value for the company, deploying business services to Net4kids is a good way. Win win.

Share technical, legal or financial knowledge of your company, the expertise of your employees, with Net4kids. Then the knife cuts both ways: Net4kids receives expertise and commitment from people and the company creates positive energy and more business involvement among employees, but also more knowledge of new product markets.

For example, Profource has had a special collaboration with Net4kids for years. They perform the financial administration, management and hosting of the Oracle E-Business Suite (now Netsuite) for Net4kids free of charge. Profource employees come to the office of Net4kids every week and in this way get to know the newest system in an accessible way. They can use this knowledge again when they work for the paid customer.

Another example of how you can use services is shown by Marco Gianotten, CEO Giarte and ambassador of Net4kids. As a much sought-after (paid) speaker, he tells his entrepreneurial story at various events and companies. We send the invoice for his performance directly to the customer.
Marco Gianotten, CEO Giarte: “Giarte helps organizations rethink, transform and measure and improve IT performance. Brainstorms, workshops and mediation are part of this. We do this in sprints. The exploratory sprint is like a first date: probing and a bit exciting. We often do such a first breakthrough session 'pro bono': the fee goes 100% to Net4kids. For many public organizations, this means that we invoice them at zero percent VAT and that the payment comes from the CSR budget. This prevents viscous purchasing processes in a phase where it is about something else: personal commitment. Our approach with Net4kids accelerates and disarms. With mediation, all parties know that regardless of the outcome, we have already achieved something beautiful in advance. The goodwill we create gives Giarte an advantage. We build mindshare and brand value that touches people in their hearts and minds. And that effect ultimately affects our wallet. ”

I want this. For my company. For the next generation.