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Worldwide, the conviction is growing that sport is the way to strengthen young people in development projects because of its social significance and popularity. As Nelson Mandela spoke: “Sport has the power to change the world”.

Sport plays a role in each of our projects. It is the best way to teach the former street children certain core values such as cooperation and respect. It improves health and reduces the risk of illness. Specifically for the girls in the Girls Empowerment program, sport will contribute to their improvement in position as women in general. Moreover, sports give them the opportunity to develop and increase their self-confidence.

Together with Kopila Upreti, the most famous Nepalese volleyball player, we started a partnership to strengthen as many girls as possible by playing volleyball. Reaching the top was not always easy for Kopila. As a girl, later as a young woman, she encountered much opposition; she was not allowed to go to school and participating in volleyball was out of the question. With this campaign we want to show that by taking action yourself you can make a difference for others. Kopila is the perfect example of this.