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The world is in the grip of the Covid-19 virus. It's terrible! But Net4kids would not be Net4kids if we don't see the positive sides of everything. That is why we try to convey a positive message as much as possible in the near future.

The current circumstances show all too well how we are all connected. How much we need each other. Certainly in difficult times like this. The heartwarming initiatives and creative ideas to stay connected - remotely - are emerging at a rapid pace. Wonderful to see.
We believe that we will get through this together.

Our project partners are also expected - just like many others - to face challenges. We try to keep you informed as much as possible about the state of affairs with them. Hereby an update from Nepal, Nepal Matri Griha (NMG):

“In Nepal the government decided to temporarily shut all schools, colleges, cinema halls, and sports venues, and around 9,000 people purchased their tickets to leave the city as per day, according to public bus entrepreneurs at New Bus Park, the biggest bus park or Kathmandu.

The government had urged the public not to gather more than 25 persons at a place. The government's decision was aimed at controlling the possible spread of corona virus infection.
And on the subject of Nepal Matri Griha, we had just finished our final examination. We are preparing for the new academic session as now the children are living at their own home. But the office is still running as its similar days.

As per the news update, till to date only one person had affected by corona virus but he had already been properly cured. If anything will badly occur in our circumstances; nobody knows when our office will be remaining closed. Let's hope for the very positive. ”

Within the Net4kids team, everyone is still healthy (happy!) And of course we hope the same for you and your loved ones. And we wish everyone who is or will be affected in any way, a lot of strength and wisdom.

Take care of each other where possible. Let Love Rule!