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Looking for structure for the sustainable and social activities of your company? Choose the 1% model, in which you link the growth of your company to your social objectives and activities.

We believe that business must take its social responsibility and that you can achieve real sustainable impact if you invest in the next generation. And more and more entrepreneurs are also convinced of this.

Mean something for the world

Making a positive impact and making a profit simply go hand in hand. In our view, it is a choice that all companies can make. When you realize that your organization can mean something to the world and take action, you get more than just the best from your company economically.

Therefore, link your CSR policy to business goals: 1% of profit or (if you are not yet making a profit, for example) 1% of turnover goes to social projects, matching your company DNA. Didn't find a suitable project yet? We are happy to make the match for your company.

In this way you pursue profit goals and make concrete and transparent what your contribution to society is. Non-financial goals can also be added to the CSR policy:

As far as we are concerned, the 1-1-1 model of Salesforce.org is the example here. In this model it is also established that annually 1% time of employees and 1% of the product are made available for social purposes.

I want this. For my company. For the Next Generation.
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Wondering how you can enter the 1% time of your employees? Then read here further.

1% For the Next Generation. That's what we call it. Does this 1% model also suit your company well?